The Milk Carton Kid, 2017 winner Alex Joseph Venezia

The Milk Carton Kid, 2017 winner Alex Joseph Venezia


Paintings from the 2017 Still Life Competition


On view July 20 & August 17 6-9pm
as part of LIC Arts Open Third Thursdays

Spanning 6 days from June 22 - 27, the finalists worked 8 hours a day for a total of 48 hours. Each competitor created their own composition but were required to include at least three of the seven mystery objects: heirloom blue eggs, small glass jar, tomatillos, kids' blocks, small ceramic bowl, tissue paper in a variety of colors, and a honey bear.

The works were then evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of Tony Curanaj, Sarah Lamb, and William H. Gerdts. Judging was based on the following criteria: drawing, composition, perspective, light effect, and paint quality. Each work was also judged as an overall work of art and for whether it speaks to the aesthetic values of the classical still life tradition. This competition was made possible with the generous support of the Morris and Alma Schapiro fund.

The competitors used pseudonyms to keep their identities on social media anonymous until the winners were revealed.